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Carachd Le Talamh

Faith Hoekstra - Functional Fitness

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About Carachd Le Talamh

I studied Natural resources, History, and Religious studies,  spent many years travelling then many as a beach lifeguard.  What does physical fitness have to do with Nature, heritage, and spiritual stuff?  It's about finding how we belong in this world, and being comfortable, and confident in it.  Your body's good function is part of that discovery. 

the style of training I specialise in is functional fitness.  Although I have a lot of experience with soccer, lifeguard sports, running, and physical work I can work toward all types of goals with you whether it's to move with more ease and confidence, work toward longevity, loose weight, or gain lean muscle mass.  I also like to incorporate breathing work.  


Certified Personal Trainer of National Academy of Sports Medicine

Emergency Medical Technician

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"Slow Is Pro"


"Slow is Pro", "Go slow to go fast".  These are among my favorite sayings.  They apply to so much in life.  Starting slow in training means you can achieve fast with fewer injuries and better quality (i.e. faster than if you skipped past "slow").


What it is

23 November 2022

An exercise program from me doesn't have to be about getting a certain body shape or ability.  (stronger, faster, better, ahhh!) With an appropriate program, it can be recovery from your job, reversal of life's physical stresses, or aiming for longevity.

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